Speculation: Used games management on the Xbox One

Filed under: Tech,Thoughts and Ideas — Tags: , — Sebbs @ 11:39 pm June 16, 2013

So, there’s a lot of angry people on the Internet right now, all upset over the DRM policies Microsoft has announced for the Xbox One. It seems to me though, after reading a lot of these comments and reactions, that most of these people haven’t read much into it themselves, either jumping to conclusions, never reading past the news headline (virtually all the headlines mention the online check-in requirements, but not the game sharing) or just joining the bandwagon.

I’m writing this partly to try put my understanding of Microsoft’s system down in a clear and concise manner, but also to detail how I see it could actually be implemented. Let me say here that I do not work for Microsoft, nor am I receiving any payment or benefits from them for writing this. This is all just my understanding and ideas based on the information publicly available in the press.