Create Playlists in Windows Phone 7 Mango

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I discovered this hidden away this morning, and figured it’s something most people won’t have noticed.  It’s not exactly the most obvious way to do it (or, knowing WP7 a bit, maybe it is), though it could be made much easier…

To start off, find the first item you want to add (whether it be an individual song, album, artist, genre, or even an existing playlist). Tap the play button on the right-hand side so that it is the only thing in your Now Playing list. You can pause the playback if you want.

Now, tap the back button, and for each other item you want to add, touch and hold your finger on the item until a list of actions appears, then select “add to now playing”. This is the part that may have seemed most obvious.

Now, tap the back button until you’re on the start page for the Music+Videos app, swipe across to history. The tile at the top of the list goes to the “now playing” page, so tap on this. Now, tap on the “…” in the bottom-right corner, and voila, “save as playlist”.

I’ll update this later with screenshots when it’s possible to take them on the phone, or I can be bothered to get my SLR out.

How To Sync iPhone with multiple Outlook Calendars

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This was originally posted on a previous version of my site, back in December 2009.

Since getting my iPhone, and starting to utilize the functions a bit more, I found myself wanting to have separate personal and work calendars in Outlook, and for these to be synced properly to the iPhone. Anyone who has looked at the Info tab in their iPhone’s sync settings can see that iTunes has provisioned for multiple calendars (you have the choice of All Calendars and Selected Calendars), but it is not quite clear on how to get iTunes to pick up all your Outlook calendars.